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The NEW TEKS Checklist cards are designed to make sure all aspects of the TEKS are covered in both classroom instruction, as well as, assessments.



 Year after year, in our training sessions, teachers ask for our recommendations regarding additional teaching materials to reinforce the assessed TEKS concepts. Step Up to the TEKS addresses the format and level of difficulty of the concepts tested.  

Additional products can be purchased which do not match the multiple choice format, but provides a fun format which makes the concepts more exciting to learn.

These products are from leading educational companies such as The Mailbox, Evan Moor, Critical Thinking Books, Didax, Incentive Publications, Scholastics, Trend, Learning Resources, Kagan, Creative Teaching Press, Koplow, and Maupin and others. 

 These companies are noted for the quality materials they have supplied for classrooms throughout the country.

We have rated each product according to the relevance as it pertains to the TEKS concepts assessed. 

They are all great products or we would not have included them in our  recommended products. 

The apples merely relate the degree in which the products are specific to the TEKS concepts.

Highly Exceeds           





The products include manipulatives, books with games to use in learning centers, additional practice in specific areas, and CDs which energize and teach. 

The products can be purchased at our workshops or ordered online from our website. 

Thank you for the privilege of assisting teachers throughout the state in placing quality products in the hands students to make learning happen. 

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