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The NEW TEKS Checklist cards are designed to make sure all aspects of the TEKS are covered in both classroom instruction, as well as, assessments.



Step Up to the TEKS meets the specifications published by the Texas Education Agency for the eligible Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, (TEKS),  assessed with the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, (STAAR).

The first section of this book addresses written Composition addressing both the personal narrative and expository.  The requirements as established by the Texas Education Agency to obtain a score of four is presented in two forms:  written and as a scoring matrix.  Each element of the criteria is compared in both genres of writing.  To avoid a student addressing the wrong purpose or genre, an extensive comparison of each type is described.  

In order to develop the studentís writing, methods of creating powerful introductions are provided as an instructional tool for the teacher.  A glossary of elaborative adjectives and action verbs provides the students with words to enhance the meaning being conveyed.  "Time-Out Substitution " stories develop awareness and opportunities to use more descriptive words when writing.  This activity not only develops crucial skills for the composition, but also for the revision portion of the assessment.

Paired Prompts enables the student to clearly understand the differences in addressing similar topics in both a personal narrative and an expository composition.  

The written composition section consists of writing guidelines and scoring rubric from the specifications.  A large portion of the composition book is devoted to elaboration because the ability to master the tool of elaboration will pull the score to the top. There are 26 story prompts similar in format to the sample found in the specifications. 

The Editing and Revision portion of this book presents stories and questions encompassing all of the punctuation, capitalization, grammatical, and spelling rules required for writing by fourth grade students.  The TEKS the question addresses is stated after each question for student documentation of mastery and no-mastery.  

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